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Nvol's Letter of Regret
Nvol's Letter of Regret
I own the character and this little sob story
The world must be tough without me there....
It's a crule world out there...
..My dearest...
I just wanted to say....
I'm sorry...I'm so sorry....
I lied......
Crying must hurt your soul....
It hurts me to see you cry ..
My dearest....
I lied.... I caused your misery.....
Your pain...
It's all my fault...
I deserved it...
I tried to protect you.....
but that made it worse....
You won't forgive me.....
I know it...My dead soul knows it..
You must miss me.... don't you
You musn't cry over my silly deserved death...
It only makes you weaker....
Maybe .... we will meet again...
That is my one wish.....
I want to see you...once again dearest...
I will always be with you...
Always...and forever ....
Goodbye...My dearest
Even in death
Nvol Knight...
:iconstarfox11:Starfox11 2 0
Pokemon : Boom De Yada
~Pokemon love the world :heart:
I do not own Pokemon or the song :D
Golem   : It never gets old,huh?
Pidgeot : Nope
Golem   : It kinda makes you wanna...
Pidgeot : Break in the song?
Golem   : Yep
Golem   : I love the mountains.
Pidgeot : I love the clear blue skys.
Aggron  : I love big bridges.
Sharpedo : I love when Sharpedo fly!
The four: I love the whole world, and all its sights and sounds!
Boom De Yada!
Boom De Yada!
Boom De Yada!
Boom De Yada!
Manaphy : I love the oceans!
Garbodor : I love real dirty things.
Latios : I love to go fast!
Cofagrigus : I love Egyptian kings.
All eight pokemon: I love the whole world! And all its craziness
Boom De Yada!
Boom De Yada!
Boom De Yada!
Boom De Yada!
Tornadus : I love tornadoes!
Galvantula : I love Galvantula.
Magcargo  : I love hot magma.
Octillery : I love the giant Octillery
:iconstarfox11:Starfox11 3 2
I AM TRYING TO BE CUTE :iconstarfox11:Starfox11 2 0

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This stuff is awesome ;D


(( yeah... My hamster Pablo died today ;3; I was so depressed so we made him a funeral ceremony ....
We put cotton and made it nice and comfy for his small little body to lay in ;3;
And I put one of my mom's white roses in the box next to him...
I started crying ;_____;

RIP Sir Pablo the hamster
Momma will miss you ;3; ))
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Artist | Student
United States
Hello~ welcome to my page.......I'm glad you came
I rp as many characters so. If you want just ask..I won't bite~ <3
I am a female artist who loves animals....
I also love video games and reading
I am really shy smetimes and I am always clumsy D:

Besties: :iconhappychronicles:, :iconred-the-great:
Hubby: :iconiploxify:
Sister: :iconanapokefreak:

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